Stop giving your personal number to your customers

Making or receiving calls with your office number anywhere in the world!

Having a virtual assistant managing your company's phone

Smartline project

As you want

Keep your phone number and/or get a new one from anywhere in the world.

Your phone will be in the cloud, available from any device. Manage it alone or between several users.

Add as many phone lines as you want, control them all at once with just one app.

Call and receive calls locally while the other end remains completely unaware that you are using Smartline.

Multiple phone lines, multiple users, advanced functionalities and privacy control. One App.

As easy as useful.

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Ready for you

Empower you phone line. Obtain privacy control and big corp functionalities.

  • Get a real and useful alternative to your mobile number with an extra privacy control.
  • Call your grandma locally with your landline while being in Zanzibar.
  • Share voicemail messages or call records with your friends.
  • Schedule an automated assistant to ask for identification from unknown numbers.
  • Call your wife and children at the same time.
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Ready for your company

Privacy control and advanced features.

  • Make your company's voice communications become professional.
  • Share the same line between several workers.
  • Make conference calls.
  • Schedule an assistant to answer after hour calls.
  • Create a voice menu to automatically identify the calls' purpose.
  • Easily record and share calls.


Smartline has been built as an easy to setup, use and affordable system.


Our VoIP calls ensure a conventional call like quality. No delays, echoes or noise.


Privacy control and management over your calls as never seen before.


User friendly and remote management through the App.


In order to get them without Smartline you have to purchase and install complex systems with it's associated installation costs (and time) plus maintenance fees.


All your generated data (recorded calls or voicemails, availability settings…) are stored in your own smartphone or in your personal cloud.


Easily improve the performance of your voice communications, In seconds. It had never been so easy, so fast.


We have a plan for you!

We want to go along with you to wherever you want to go. Choose your plan according to your needs and upgrade it if they do.



For individuals and small businesses

  • Unlimited calls*
  • Multi-user (3 max.)
  • Conference call (3 max.)
  • Call recording
  • Smart Voicemail
  • Smart caller ID
  • Absences



For companies

  • Unlimited calls*
  • Multi-user (unlim.)
  • Conference call (unlim.)
  • Call recording
  • Smart Voicemail
  • Smart caller ID
  • Absences
  • Automated attendant
  • Quick answer
  • Call monitoring
  • Cloud backup
  • Voice to text

Add as many additional phone lines as you want to your plan. Price per line: 18,09€/month (Unlimited calls*)

* From local number to local number. Plans available from July 2017.